Channel 1


Poetry Series


3rd Jan 2021, 7 pm, Channel 1

“Nothing can surpass the mystery of stillness” - e. e. cummings

Pianist Svetozar Ivanov introduces us to his new filmmaking endeavor, a collection of 7 short films entitled “Poetry Series”. Each film, 3-8 minutes in length, features the work of one poet integrated into the musical ambiance a particular composer. A third artistic ingredient is added to each, drawn from dance, paintings, film footage, or animation.

Each art form provides a setting for the other, with the intention of complementing one another, possibly proposing a new dimension. The poetry allows us to experience the music with an active mind, and the music opens our hearts, providing time to absorb the words.

Composers in this collection include Scriabin, Schoenberg, Berio, Cage, Feldman, Ustvolskaya, and Crumb. The poets presented are Apollinaire, Lorca, George, E. E. Cummings, Borges, and Paz.

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