Channel 4


Music of Shadows

3rd October, 7 pm, Channel 4

“Your shadow lurks behind all light” Svetozar Ivanov’s project “Music of Shadows” was recorded and produced in July, 2020 at his home in Florida. The title is borrowed from the last piece in the program, “Music of Shadows” by George Crumb. The program is divided into three sections: tangos (by Lou Harrison, Stacy Garrop, and Frederic Rzewski), a set of pieces from George Crumb’s “Makrokosmos”, and Galina Ustvolskaya’s hyper-expressive sonata No.6. Harpsichord toccatas (in meantone temperament) by early 17th century Neapolitan composer Ascanio Mayone provide calm and balance between these three sections. “Music of Shadows” is inspired by Julio Cortázar’s very last text “Black the 10” and presented in the first English translation by Peter Standish (commissioned for this project). Art by Luis Tomasello, animation by Leslee Smucker, and dance by Bliss Kohlmyer are interwoven into the music and highlight the thematic cohesiveness of the program. 

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