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Kan Yuet

London Young Musician World Ranking Top Winner

16 years old Hong Kong young harpist Kan Yuet has awarded with distinction for LTCL

Diploma (Licentiate Trinity College London for harp solo recital) at the age of 11. Kan

Yuet has won numerous international prizes. Her major achievements include the 1 st

Prize at the Young Artist's Harp Competition 2018 in Ohio, USA. 1 st Prize and Premio

Interprazione Special Prize at the Amigdala International Music Competition 2018 in

Catania, Sicily. 3rd Prize at the 2018 &2019 Osaka International Music Competition

Senior Harp Section in Japan, and she was the best performer award winner in 2019

Hong Kong Region. In 2020, Kan Yuet gave her first solo harp recital at the Tsang

Shiu Tim Art Hall, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

Followed by her achievements, Kan Yuet has had the privilege to perform at the

most prestigious Korea Seoul Arts Centre at the age of 8 as the youngest artist

alongside Maria Luisa Ryan and Jung Kwak. And she has been invited to perform at

the first Taiwan Harp Festival, the Singapore Harp Festival Youth Showcase in 2015,

and the Asia Rising Star concert at the Asian Harp Festival in Korea in 2016.

In 2016 & 2019, Kan Yuet has had the honor to be the first young artist representing

Hong Kong to perform at the Stars of Tomorrow concert, at the 10 th & 11 th USA

International Harp Competition. And she was invited to perform at the Hong Kong

Harp Talents concert at the 8th International Festival of Harp Suoni d'Arpa Saluzzo

2017 in Italy.

Since 2020, Kan Yuet competed in different online competitions all over the world

and won numerous awards, major awards including 2 nd Prize at the Young Artist’s

Harp Competition (Emerging Artist Division) 2020, USA. Versatile Musician Award at

London Young Musician 21-22 seasons 2-4 and World Top 50 Musicians Award

Annual Ranking Number 2; Excellent Musicality Special Award at Global Genius

Music Competition 2021-2022; The Best Performance of George Frideric Handel’s

work Award at Best Classical Musicians Awards (2022); The Best Performance of

George Frideric Handel’s work Award & The Best Performance of Elias Parish Alvars’s

work Award at World Grand Prix International Music Contest (2022); and Grand Prix

“Crown of Stars” (Best Instrumentalist) at Music and Stars Awards 2021.

Kan Yuet
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