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Lieto Quartet

Global Genius Music Competition 2022 Grand Prize Winner:

The Lieto Quartet, based in Cincinnati, Ohio (USA) is a rising ensemble in the greater Cincinnati

area. The quartet has recently gained international acclaim having won the Gold Prize and

Grand Prix in the 2021 Global Genius Music Competition in United Kingdom, as well as the First

Place in the 2021 Red Maple Music Competition in Canada which resulted in an invitation to a

live performance in Canada.

The quartet was formed in 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio under the tutelage of Lee Fiser. It works

primarily with Lee Fiser (former member of LaSalle Quartet) and has lessons with Jan Grüning

(member of Arial Quartet) in the College-Conservatory of Music, University of Cincinnati.

As part of the Music Live at Lunch, a 50-year historical concert series of Christ Church Cathedral

in Cincinnati, the Lieto has been invited several times to perform in this program, as well as in

the Classical Revolution Cincinnati. It has also been invited as guest artists to share stage in

faculty concerts in Wittenberg University (2020) and Cedarville University (2021).

The Lieto Quartet gets its name from an Italian word “happy”.

Lieto Quartet
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