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Martins Heislers

Universal Stars Music Competition Artist Prize Winner:

Martins Heislers

Martins learns percussion at the National Arts High School, the 7th grade of the Emīla Dārziņa Music School with teacher and percussionist Dzintra Knābe.

Since 2020, has been a musician of the percussion ensemble of the Emīla Dārziņa music school.


2019: 1st place in the National competition for students of the Percussion Instrument education program of Latvia;

2021: 2nd place in the "Wind Stars 2021" international contest;

2022: 1st place in the World Art Games international contest.

2022: Silver prize in the Amadeus international Music Awards contest

2022: 1st place and Artist award in the Birmingham International Music Competition

Martin has been involved in various projects:

Experience exchange concerts in Musical education institutions (2017-2022);

Festival of the Association of Latvian Orchestras (2022);

Concert cycle UZTAKTS for Latvian Youth Talents (2022);

The Talents of Ines Galante (2022)

Bronius Jonušas XIII International Music Conference (2023)

Martins Heislers
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